Civil Engineering and Landscape Architecture Technical College (Civil Engineering and Landscape Architecture Department)

Civil Engineering and Landscape Architecture Department

[2 years]

Strive to be a professional in civil engineering and landscape architecture!

Civil engineering assists our life and society with its technologies for construction of roads, bridges, tunnels, and dams, maintenance of rivers, maintenance of airports and harbor facilities, development of parks and land, and city development. Landscape architecture uses technologies to create and manage relaxing spaces for people, such as gardens, parks, and theme parks, based on the creation by civil engineering technologies. Both are necessary for our life and society. You will be able to expand your future career path to, for example, civil engineering for railways, forests, harbors, and rivers, and environmental design, with both skills.


Our hilly campus spreads out over 380,000 square meters, providing a perfect place for practical classes for surveying, which is the base of civil engineering. There are western-style and Japanese gardens on campus. Our learning environment is very practical, supporting high-quality landscape architecture practicums.

Japanese garden

western-style garden

There are many points in common between civil engineering and landscape architecture. Every student efficiently gains both civil engineering and landscape architectural skills by learning both in parallel, getting ready to work with highly-acclaimed skills.

There are government employee positions for civil engineers for city planning, land readjustment projects, and maintenance of water supply, sewerage systems, and public facilities. Your dream of working for the national or local government may come true here.

Civil engineer work requires many certifications, including Construction Managing Engineer Certification, Landscape Gardening Work Operation and Management Engineer Certification, Land Surveyor Certification, Building Operation and Management Engineer Certification, Small Vehicle Type Construction Machine Operator Certification, Small Forklift Operator Certification, and Aerial Work Platform Operator Certification. We teach students all about these certifications.

The curriculum includes various practical classes for practically learning civil engineering and landscape architecture, such as a surveying practicum, landscape design, landscape architecture practicums, and material experiments.

Current civil engineers and landscape architects are aging, resulting in the need of generational change. There has been growing demand for young civil engineers and landscape engineers with the latest knowledge and skills every year.

Construction managing engineer, construction engineer, railroad engineer, facility mechanical and electrical engineer, public worker, surveying technician, landscape gardening work operation and management engineer, landscape designer, exterior technician, gardener, and more.

Special Message

Ms. Mariko Togawa, Takai Gardening Inc.

I am currently working for Takai Gardening Inc., which is in charge of maintaining plants on Nihon Kogakuin College's Hachioji campus as well as supervising landscape architecture classes in the Civil Engineering and Landscape Architecture Department. Every part of the campus surrounded by abundant plants and trees can be your practicum field, providing the best learning environment for landscape architecture major students.

From a Teacher

The best part of working in this field is that you can create something which will be marked on a map and remembered in the future. We use the large Hachioji campus for our practicums.

Mr. Jinsei Kudo

1st Year

The first-year curriculum includes classes for learning the basics of civil engineering and landscape architecture.

2nd Year

The second-year curriculum includes classes for gaining practical professional skills.

The curriculum includes practical classes for learning about tool-handling methods, distance surveys, leveling, soil properties, fertilizer formulations, and planting trees and flowers, classes for learning basic methods to create design plans, such as ground plans and 3D plans, using 2D CAD, classes for learning about general construction management, covering soil, concrete, and foundation constructions, and preparation classes for the second-class construction managing engineer certification exam.


First and Second-class Construction Managing Engineer Certifications, First and Second-class Landscape Gardening Work Operation and Management Engineer Certifications, First and Second-class Plumbing Work Operation and Management Engineer Certifications, First and Second-class Construction Machine Operation Engineer Certifications, First and Second-class Building Operation and Management Engineer Certifications, and Second and Third-class Landscape Technician Certifications.
*Application in preparation

Obtainable Certifications
Aerial Work Platform Advanced Operator Certification, Small Mobile Crane Advanced Operator Certification, Color Coordinator Certification, Land Surveyor and Assistant Land Surveyor Certifications, Real-estate Transaction Specialist Certification, Vehicle Type Construction Machine Advanced Operator Certification, Crane Operator Advanced Certification, Small Vehicle Type Construction Machine Operator Certification, Aerial Work Platform Operator Certification, Roller Operator Certification, Construction Accountant Certification, and more.

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