Sound Technical College (Recording Creator Department)

Recording Creator Department

[2 Years]

Strive to be a top-class sound engineer!

  • Recording Engineering Major

    Recording Engineering Major
    Students learn about music production, including studio recording and live recording, in practicums using professional recording studio equipment as well as classes directly taught by active professional recording engineers.
  • MA Engineering Major

    MA Engineering Major
    Students master sound engineering techniques for adding sound to images, such as narrations, BGM, and sound effects, as well as complete audio-visual production. The curriculum includes a wide variety of classes for leaning audio mixing techniques, MA techniques for concert videos and animations, and video editing.
  • Radio Mixing Major

    Radio Mixing Major
    Students master technical knowledge required for working as a radio mixer/broadcast mixer through a curriculum that ranges from the basics of sound art, including knowledge on sound and equipment operation to practical classes in producing programs, commercials, and radio dramas.

Course Content

Recording Engineering Major

The curriculum includes classes for learning about the principles, functions, and systems of various audio equipment, such as microphones, mixers, and recorders, and the basics of electroacoustic circuits. Students learn miking and mixing techniques, knowledge required for audio mastering, and practical usage of Pro Tools, as well as the physical properties of sound.

MA Engineering Major

Students learn about TV formats, time codes, and basic principles, functions, and systems of various video equipment. The classes also cover the basic knowledge for working on visual expression, such as movies, TV, private videos, and art production, as well as technical knowledge for Pro Tools101 qualification, physical properties of sound, and miking and mixing techniques.

Radio Mixing Major

Students learn about stages, structure of concert halls, and sound. Students analyze the beauty of sound by listening to famous recording masterpieces using the best audio player. While training their ears, they also produce their own pieces.
The curriculum includes classes for learning about the principles, functions, and systems of various audio equipment, such as microphones, mixers, and recorders, and the basics of electroacoustic circuits. The practicums are based on Pro Tools101 qualification.

1st Year

The curriculum include classes of music basics and rhythm training as well as listening to music from various genres and attending concerts, helping students to develop a solid base of musical knowledge. Students are engaged in music production in their particular field to learn related techniques.

2nd Year

Students enhance knowledge and techniques in their major through practicums.

There is a need for sound creators who are not just engineers but able to create real sound in the recording industry. Students listen to a wide variety of music and have hands-on experience in practicums, resulting in mastering recording skills as well as developing unique creativity.

Our wonderful learning environment with cutting-edge audio equipment, including super analogue mixing console compatible with 5.1-channel surround-sound mixing, Pro Tools, MTR for H/D, and digital multi-tape recorder, nurtures professional engineers who are active in various fields of acoustics, such as recording, MA, and radio industries.

Students learn knowledge and techniques in the sound and recording fields in practical classes provided by active recording engineers and sound engineers.

Audio/recording industries
Recording engineer, MA mixer, broadcast mixer, PA mixer, sound effects technician (SE), sound designer, sound creator, recording director, mastering engineer, DVD authoring engineer, sound engineer, program production staff, and more.

From a Teacher

I focus on making my classes for the basics of sound arts and recording more interesting by including talks about ideal attitude towards music as well as knowledge of equipment, such as the latest Pro Tools. Our school has partnerships with various companies, providing students a big advantage in understanding what professionals actually do in the field.

Mr. Taku Wagatsuma


ソニー・ミュージックコミュニケーションズ、エイベックス・エンタテインメント、ビクターエンタテインメント、ミキサーズラボ、麻布プラザ、音響ハウス、ビークル(アザブウエストスタジオ)、オムニバス・ジャパン、スタジオエコー、SHOW-YA projecT、日本テレビビデオメディアセンター、IMAGICA PD、東芸エンタテイメンツ、白川プロ、綜合舞台、ネオテック、コスモ・スペース、クロステレビ、創音、放送技術社、サウンドボックス、バンケット・プランニング、朝日放送設備、プロセンスタジオ、字幕データセンター、ビデオスタッフ、プレーン、プリンスホテル、ヤングスタッフ、アイズクルー、キング関口台スタジオ ほか多数(順不同)