Dance Technical College (Dance Performance Department)

Dance Performance Department

[2 Years]

To be a top professional dancer.

Dance Major

Dance Major

The curriculum for students who want to be a professional dancer includes intensive training in jazz dance and ballet, which are the basics of dance, and practical training in various dance styles, covering from hip-hop to house, as well as basic physical training. Students learn about dance from all aspects to improve their expressiveness.

Backup Dance Major

Backup Dance Major

The curriculum starts with classes for basic dance styles, such as jazz dance and ballet, and advances to classes for mastering skills to be able to perform many different types of dance styles. Students also learn dance techniques, mental strength, and manners, which are required to pass auditions.

Musical Dance Major

Musical Dance Major

Students acquire a strong foundation in dancing as well as a wide range of skills, including acting, expressing, and singing.

Theme Park Dance Major

Theme Park Dance Major

The curriculum includes classes for training professional stage dancers for theme parks and parades and character dancers. The lessons cover a wide range of lessons from physical training and basics of dance to acting skills and expressiveness.

Dance Instruction Major

Dance Instruction Major

The curriculum starts from classes for mastering various dance styles and advances to classes for learning comprehensive knowledge for teaching dance, teaching methods, and training methods.

Choreography Major

Choreography Major

The curriculum includes workshop-style lessons for developing choreographic skills, in addition to regular dance lessons. Students improve their comprehensive abilities, such as insightfulness, sensitivity, improvising skills, and application skills, to meet detailed needs.

Course Content


Starting with jazz dance, which is an essential element in various fields involving dance, this class widely covers jazz in all fields, including street jazz and club jazz.


Ballet incorporates the foundational techniques for many other dance forms. This class encourages students, with or without ballet experience, to train their bodies on their own levels for improved expressiveness.

Debut Planning

The curriculum of this class includes making a plan for gaining knowledge, improving skills, and planning for auditions.

Dance Ensemble

This class is a place for special training practice for recitals on and off campus for demonstrating students' skills and techniques.

1st Year

Our instructors, who are actively performing as top professional dancers, teach students a wide variety of dance styles, including hip-hop, jazz, house, ballet, and contemporary, from the basics, encouraging students to master all the necessary skills to be a good dancer.

2nd Year

In addition to dance lessons, students improve their skills through a practical curriculum including attending auditions, recitals, and events.

Sam, a longtime leader of the Japanese dance scene, is in overall charge of the Dance Performance Department.

Students are given plenty of time and opportunities to learn the basics of all dance styles, including hip-hop, house, jazz, ballet, and contemporary, to become a professional dancer with flexibility in responding to all demands.

Our instructors include an impressive lineup of professional artists in fields of dance and choreography.

Basic Sports Instructor Certification (dance, sports), Event Planner Certification, Bridal Planner Certification, Make-up Skill Certification, Business Skills Certification (B-test), Language Proficiency Certification, and more.

Dance Industry
Dancer on TV/CM/PV, theme park dancer, musical dancer, choreographer, sports gym instructor, backup dancer, stage dancer, dance instructor, tour dancer, parade dancer, and character dancer