Music Production, Music Technical College (Music Artist Department)

Music Artist Department

[2 Years]

Develop your talent with individual lessons by our famous instructors and a wide range of elective courses.

1st Year

The first-year curriculum includes basic training to be a musician/artist.

2nd Year

The second-year curriculum includes practical classes to master professional skills.

Mr. Satoshi Takebe, who is a famous live-tour music director for Yumi Matsutoya and a famous music producer, composer, and arranger having worked with many musicians and artists, including Yo Hitoto and Miki Imai, is in charge of the Music Artist Department. We also have other highly-qualified instructors who are leaders their fields. Our instructors fully take advantage of their practical knowhow, connections, and knowledge of the latest developments in the music industry in their classes.

There is a facility called "Music Pavilion of Real Dreams," which is named by Mr. Takebe, on both the Kamata and Hachioji campuses. This facility is replete with the latest equipment and materials, including rooms for vocal and musical instrument lessons, a computer room for learning DTM, a studio with the latest audio equipment and recording facility, and a studio for band practice. There are also other halls and studios, providing students with the best environment to learn music.

Digital Open Studio

Musin Performance Studio

Lesson Room

Ensemble Room

Sound Create Room

Music Laboratory

Guitarist, bassist, drummer, keyboardist, pianist, studio musician, artist support, instructor, musical instrument repairer, musical instrument craftsman, musical instrument store worker, artist, stage singer, vocal instructor, chorus singer, voice trainer, musical singer, songwriter, composer, musician, arranger, game music creator, karaoke/cell-phone melody creator, movie/video music composer, TV music producer, music producer, sound producer, sound creator, club DJ, music teacher, music instructor, and more.

From a Teacher

I teach a wide variety of skills from those required for working as a composer/arranger to practical techniques to create music for images. You will learn about how to be a professional artist by being directly taught by many professionals in classes.

Mr. Hiromi Yugenji


エイベックス・エンタテインメント、EMIミュージック・ジャパン、ソニー・ミュージックコミュニケーションズ、ビクターエンタテインメント、ジャニーズ・エンタテイメント、テレビ朝日ミュージック、ハーフトーンミュージック、サンライズミュージック、ホリプロ、キョードー東京、ホットスタッフ・プロモーション、サウンドクルー、シミズオクト、綜合舞台、東京舞台照明、東芸エンタテイメンツ、TBSトライメディア(ライブハウスBLITZ)、CLUB CITTA'、SHIBUYA-AX、Shibuya O-East、Shibuya O-West、Zepp Tokyo、ぴあ、ローソンチケット、ヤマハミュージック東京、島村楽器、キング関口台スタジオ、音響ハウス、ミキサーズラボ、オリエンタルランド、劇団四季、オンワード樫山 ほか多数(順不同)