Information Technology Technical College (Information Technology Department)

Information Technology Department

[2 Years]

Open up a broad career path in the IT industries from development to application and operation.

Software Engineering Course

Software Engineering Course

Students widely learn about computers, including the structure, OS, and programming languages such as C language, Java, and Visual basic, to be a systems engineer or programmer. The classes cover Linux (open source OS), which has been recently gaining attention, as well as Windows.

Web Engineering Course

Web Engineering Course

Students gain design skills in coloring and layout as well as programming languages, such as HTML, Java, and Perl to be a web engineer/ programmer.

Information Technology Course

Information Technology Course

Students learn a wide range of information processing techniques, focusing on application and operation of computers. Including computer beginners, students are fully supported to gain skills in the field of information technology, from application operation to server operations management.

Course Content

Software Engineering Course

The curriculum covers highly practical C programming techniques based on algorithms and programming. The Linux practicum includes classes for learning basic operations, such as OS installation and configuration and UNIX commands.

Web Engineering Course

The curriculum includes a web programming class for learning CGI/PHP through development of a purchasing form or a questionnaire form. Students learn about application of Internet and web design through creating a website using a programming language, such as HTML or Java Script. Students learn about website creation through both the theory and practice. The curriculum also includes a graduation project.

Information Technology Course

The curriculum includes classes from learning about physical components inside a personal computer to software installation and troubleshooting. Students learn how to use a computer more practically by utilizing functions and macros, as well as basic operation of Linux, including installation, configuration, and commands. A practical class for Windows-based servers allows students to gain knowledge about effective server settings.

Software Development positions
System engineer (SE), programmer, web engineer, web programmer, game programmer, and more.

Computer Application and Operation positions
Operations management engineer, customer engineer, service engineer, technical support engineer, sales representative, and more.

Main Career Paths of the Graduates
Software companies, web production companies, development division at manufacturing companies, web production and operations division at private companies, system development division in various fields.

Graduates can work in any field involving software development. There is constant demand for highly-skilled systems engineers and programmers in today's society.

We focus on supporting students not only to master programming and computer skills but also to learn business manners and communication skills. Getting ready to work as a full-fledged professional within two years provides students with a good career opportunity.

For students who want to further improve their skills, we provide full support for entrance to the 4-year IT Specialist Department or to the second or third grade of our affiliated Tokyo University of Technology.

Students can change courses and/or attend classes in other courses after enrollment, allowing them to gain a wide range of knowledge and skills in IT, computers, and information processing while spending enough time to choose the best future path for themselves.

Each course clearly describes what qualifications it covers, allowing students to efficiently obtain certifications in the fields of their interest. We fully support our students from all aspects in qualification improvement, from regular classes to preparation lectures and practice exams. We also recognize various private certifications, offering students various benefits, including a 50% reduction of examination fees, taking exams on campus, and taking a CBT (computer-based test), for different certification examinations.

From a Teacher

It is nonsense to study software development and information processing techniques only in textbooks. Learning practically is the only way to truly master skills. Our IT College of Nihon Kogakuin provides students with an environment which encourages and enables them to use their classroom knowledge in practicums.

Mr. Shinya Nakanishi
Information Technology Department

Information Technology Engineers Certifications (Fundamental Information Technology Engineer Certification, Information Technology Passport Certification), Information Technology Certification Series (J-ken), .com Master, Web Design Skills Certification, MOS, ORACLE MASTER, CompTIA Certifications, Certified Adviser for Web Accessibility, and more.


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