PC, Network Engineering Technical College (Network Engineering Department)

Network Engineering Department

[2 Years]

Strive to be a network and security engineering specialist!

Network Engineering Course

Network Engineering Course

This course aims to train network engineers who are able to construct proper networks.

Network Security Engineering Course

Network Security Engineering Course

Being fully supported by our certified instructors, students use SEA/J's antivirus software, which is used in many companies, learn about functions and operation of the software, and gain practical antivirus skills. Learning about Internet security-related regulations, students are fully-trained to be security engineers.

Course Content

Network Engineering Course

The curriculum includes the following four main parts: learning how to construct networks using Cisco Systems routers; learning about corporate server OS using the network OS, Linux; learning about the latest network technologies; and learning how to develop Java-based programs, which are used in mobile phones.

Network Security Engineering Course

The curriculum includes the following four main parts: learning how to construct networks using Cisco Systems routers; learning about countermeasures against various computer frauds, such as spyware and fraudulent access; learning about corporate server OS using the Linux network OS; and learning about information systems and routing which are the basics of network construction.

The most popular IT-related position is network engineer. The number of job offers, not only from the IT industries, but also other fields is rapidly increasing.

For students who want to further improve their skills, we provide full support for entrance to the 4-year IT Engineering Department or to the second or third grade of our affiliated Tokyo University of Technology.

We fully support students for qualification improvement from all aspects.

Many instructors in our IT College have written IT-related books. These books are not only used as textbooks at our school, but are also available at regular bookstores. Having a reputation for explaining difficult topics in easy-to-understand language, these books are recommended by IT companies.

Network Engineering Course
Network engineer, network system operator, security engineer, customer engineer, security administrator, computer engineer, and more.

Main Career Paths of the Graduates
Network-related companies, web-related companies, Internet-related companies, network management division at private companies, mobile phone-related companies

From a Teacher

My main motivation to teach students is to train professionals with flexibility. People working on computer networks are usually considered to be isolated while they are working; however, I believe that this kind of job can be developed and improved further by actively contacting people, to make the world more convenient.

Mr. Satoshi Ishiyama


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