Business Information Technical College (Business Information Department)

[2 Years]

Business Information Department

Offering a wide variety of subjects, this department supports students to get jobs in various fields. Learn widely in fields such as from customer service, fashion, make-up, and secretarial work, and find what you really like!


Course Content

The lineup of interesting and profitable classes includes many hands-on classes, including manicure seminars, flower arrangement, bookkeeping and accounting, brand research, make-up seminars, business manners, PC practicums, and a ski/snowboarding training camp. Students learn widely, broadening their horizons and expanding their future career possibilities.

Retail and sales industry, amusement industry, financial industry, software industry, administrative positions, hotel industry, fashion industry, manufacturers, transport industry, and public fields.

The employment rate of our graduates is high due to our employment assistance from all aspects. We provide students with special seminars for job hunting as well as interview preparation and individual counseling.

We help students to acquire certifications which help them in job hunting. Students are encouraged to acquire certifications in the following three main areas, which help them to work in practical fields: business certifications, such as Customers Service Certification, for the basic skills as a businessperson; computer certifications, such as MOS, for the computer skills required in most fields; and information technology engineers certifications, such as Information Technology Passport Certification.


From a Teacher

Our department has a very comfortable and friendly atmosphere. Students not only learn computer skills but also attend many enjoyable seminars, such as make-up seminars and flower arrangement.

Ms. Megumi Kazama

Public qualifications
Information Technology Certification Series (J-ken)
Information Application Certification
Information Technology Passport Certification

Bookkeeping Certification (Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry)(the Japan Association of Accounting Education), Secretary Certification (the Jitsumu Gino Kentei Kyokai (Association for the Certification of Practical Business Skills), Business Writing Certification (Jitsumu Gino Kentei Kyokai), Customers Service Certification, Business Skills Certification (B-ken) (Educational Promotion Group of Vocational School), Sales Person Certification (Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry), Color Coordinator Certification (All Japan Fashion Teachers), and Color Coordinator Certification (Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry).

Private qualifications
MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist certified by Microsoft), Kaikei Sofuto Jitsumu Noryoku Certification (Computer-based Finance and Accounting Supervisor Certification): Computer Software Association of Japan), Fashion Business Certification (Japan Fashion Education Promotion Association), Mental Health Management Certification (Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry), Shakai Joshiki Noryoku Nintei (Global Knowledge Certification: Japan Association of Accounting Education), and more.


JR東日本、りそな銀行、レクサス三鷹、セコム、丸井グループ、オリエンタルランド、富士急ハイランド、富士通エフ・アイ・ピーDC、IHI、JTBデータサービス、みずほオペレーションサービス、エム・ユー・センターサービス東京、トランスコスモス、旭情報サービス、日立コンシューマ・マーケティング、プリンスホテル、富士屋ホテル、箱根ホテル小涌園、ワールド、トミーヒルフィガージャパン、ジャパンイマジネーション、神奈川県警察本部、ホテルハイランドリゾート、草津ナウリゾートホテル、ケン・コーポレーション、みどりの森デンタルクリニック、日本ハウズイング、富士通ワイエフシー、ジェイアールシステム・エンジニアリング、ヤマダ電機、ヨドバシカメラ、イエローハット、レッドバロン、トヨタレンタリース横浜、トヨタカローラ山梨、日本情報産業、光ビジネスフォーム、相模原市農業協同組合、八王子農業協同組合、多摩信用金庫、ミツル光学研究所、富士薬品、西武運輸、小田急バス、NTTデータCCS、システム・ランド、ヒューマンシステム、富士通ソーシアルサイエンスラボラトリ、オプティマ、第一情報システムズ、コベルコソフトサービス、テレネットジャパン、日本事務開発、広友ホールディングス、九九プラス、三井食品、ブリヂストン・タイヤ・セールス・関東、東京工科大学・他大学編入 ほか多数(順不同)