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Product Design Department

[3 Years]

For future product designers!

Product Designing Major

Product Designing Major

Students learn about designing industrial and brand products, which are ubiquitous in everyday life, such as PCs, cell phones, TVs, and lights. Students, including beginners, learn the basics of expressive techniques through sketching, drawing, and perspective practicums, and then learn about actual product designing methods. The curriculum also includes CAD and 3D-CAD classes.

Furniture Designing Major

Furniture Designing Major

Students learn about material selections and human dimensions, and then gain professional designing skills of furniture, from individual piecies of furniture to unit furniture, in practical classes.

Car Designing Major

Car Designing Major

Based on the basics of product designing, students gain comprehensive skills in designing cars, from exterior designing skills to interior designing skills. Students also learn about designing the next generation of cars, such as fuel-cell cars and hybrid cars.

General Merchandise Designing Majorr

General Merchandise Designing Majorr

Students gain skills for designing general merchandise, such as toys, tableware, and stationary, used in everyday life. Students learn about a wide range of subjects, from materials and planning to display and marketing.

Course Content

The curriculum includes practical classes for gaining basic designing skills, such as use of painting tools, drawing methods, plane composition, 3D composition, color coordination, and use of modeling materials. Students start designing familiar products, such as door handles and tape cutters, and then more advanced products, such as cell phones and lights, in the second and third years. There are also classes for learning about practical business, such as market research and presentation. Students gain skills in CAD drawing based on the rules in drawing, such as scale and line type, which they learned in Basic Drawing class. The second-year curriculum includes a 3D-CAD class. The second-year students learn about specialized practical designing based on the knowledge they acquired in the first-year Human Engineering class.

Students gain basic presentation skills using CG. The curriculum includes classes for learning basic operations of PC and applications of Photoshop and Illustrator (Car Designing Major).

Students gain designing skills, including planning, designing, and model production for familiar products, such as stationary and accessories. Students also learn about costs and marketing (General Merchandise Designing Major).

1st Year

The first-year curriculum includes classes for gaining basic skills for general designing.

2nd Year

The second-year curriculum includes practical classes for learning about specialties of product designing.

3rd Year

The third-year curriculum includes classes for gaining industrial-level skills through highly-advanced assignments.

Product designers, also called industrial designers, are responsible for designing many products around us, such as PCs, cell phones, appliances, and stationaries. Successful product designers have various skills from designing skills and CAD and CG techniques, to business skills, such as marketing, planning, and presentation skills. Product Designing Majors gain these skills through various practicums over the course of three years.

Product Design Room

The school provides students with a learning environment which is equivalent to a professional environment. The Product Design Room provides students with a space for various activities, such as sketching, modeling, and drawing, to create ideas for product designing.

Presentation Room

Product designers have to make people understand design concepts in presentations. Classes cover not only creative activities but also presentation skills in a presentation room.

CAD/CG Design Room

The CAD/CG Design Room is fully-equipped with a big-screen projector and high-end machines.

For students interested, there is an overseas design training program to visit famous buildings and interiors abroad.


Students participate in Tokyo Designers Week, Japan's biggest design event, held in October every year.

Students designed the color design of a racing car upon the request of National Instruments Japan.

Students were involved in designing leather items in a collaboration project with Tanezawa Seisakujo Inc. in Ota Ward.。

Students of the Product Design Department won the second prize and an honorable mention as well as the Web first prize in the 22nd and 23rd International Lighting Design Competitions, respectively, which is a gateway to success for students who want to be product designers.

Students of the Product Design Department were in charge of planning and designing of a new toy upon the request of Sega Toys Co., Ltd., which is famous for its big hit, Grand Pianist.

Students of the Product Design Department were in charge of package designing for home gardening products upon the request of French company Bayer Crop Science.

The image drawing of one of our students was chosen as one of the best 16 works among a total of 138 drawings in Clay Model Exhibition 2008.

Students were involved in a project for re-designing and reusing furniture to be disposed, which was donated by Murauchi Furniture Access Corporation.

From a Teacher

Product designers can give people the joy of being excited. My class encourages students to develop a solid base for designing, allowing them to understand how to look at and think about design, and building on this base learn various hints for creating good products.

Mr. Takemi Kaga
Instructor in the Product Design Department, Studio Takemi President

Backup from Mr. Takuya Yura, the top creator of the industry

Mr. Takuya Yura, who is known as the leading racing car designer all over the world, is also involved in other product designing, such as ships and clocks, and serves as well as a racing director at 24 heures du Mans and Super GT Championship. Mt. Yura uses his expertise to support education at the Design College.

(株)ムーンクラフトOffcial site

由良 拓也 ムーンクラフト株式会社 代表取締役 スーパーGTレース オフィシャルTV解説者 日本自動車レース工業会理事

Takuya Yura
1Mooncraft Co., Ltd. CEO, Super GT official TV commentator, Japan Motor-racing Industry Association Commissioner

Industrial designer, product designer, modeler, product planner, general merchandise designer, product planner, play equipment and toys designer, furniture designer, interior designer, interior coordinator, goods designer, car designer, exterior designer, car interior designer, car modeler, bicycle designer, accessory designer, small interior items designer, craftworker, and more.


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