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Graphic Design Department

[3 Years]

Cultivate your artistic creativity to be a graphic artist answering the needs of the age!

Graphic Design Course

Graphic Design Course

Graphic Designing Major

Editorial Designing Major

Using Macintosh computers, a must in the design industry, students comprehensively learn about graphic design, from the basics of graphic designing and DTP to the specialty areas, including making of posters and advertisements as well as the planning and editing of magazines and books, in 3 years.

Illustration Course

Illustration Course

Illustration Major

Picture Book Major

Students learn various techniques for illustrations, which are widely used in ads, books, packages, T-shirts, web sites, and games, starting from the basics. Students master both manual drawing skills and digital drawing skills using Mac.

Course Content

Graphic Design Course

The curriculum includes classes for learning about the basics of Mac, the basics of design industry-standard graphic software, such as Illustrator and Photoshop, along with design works, and book layout techniques, including caption and text arrangement, effective picture arrangement, and cover designing, as well as practical classes for learning about the entire process of magazine editing from planning, interviewing, and designing. Students also learn skills to refine data to a printable volume for various materials, such as name cards and CD jackets, using Mac.
Students learn a comprehensive range of graphic designing, from graphics production for advertisements, such as posters, magazine ads, DM, and novelty items, to layout techniques (Graphic Designing Major).
Students learn how to draw up projects and write proposals, as well as the basics of presentation and marketing, gaining a business point of view in the design field and mastering skills to talk about works logically (Editorial Designing Major).

Illustration Course

The curriculum aims to encourage students to use various painting tools and papers to discover their own drawing style. Classes give students opportunities to create art work according to a client's request and an original picture book. Students learn both analogue and digital skills, including printing techniques, such as screen printing and etching, figure production using Sculpey clay, the basics of Mac, and the basics and application of design industry-standard graphic software, such as Illustrator and Photoshop.

1st Year

The first-year curriculum includes classes for learning basic design skills.

2nd Year

The second-year curriculum includes classes for learning about more specialized and practical areas, including graphic designing, editorial designing, illustration, and picture book production.

3rd Year

The third-year curriculum includes classes for gaining highly-practical skills in the design field.

Graphic designer, graphic director, DTP designer, package designer, POP designer, editorial designer, book designer, illustrator, character designer, magazine editor, stage artist, picture book author, and more.

The curriculum starts from classes for learning how to use tools and how to be ready to learn designing and art, and then gradually moves to classes for learning professional production skills, allowing even students new in this field to improve their skills.

Our instructors include active professionals in the design industry and art world.

Our facility is equipped with the latest MacPro and latest graphic software, including Illustrator and Photoshop. There is also a studio open for students to make sketches, craftworks, and silk screen printings. We are proud to provide students with the best environment for learning graphic designing comprehensively, from analogue to digital techniques.

The curriculum also includes internship programs, which allow students to know how to be working in the actual design industry, and various business-academia collaboration projects, which allow students to learn actual works from orientation to production and presentation.

We have a collaboration with Kamata Nishiguchi Shopping Mall at JR Kamata Station for annual Halloween events, and we are in charge of planning and managing the events. We also design posters, newspaper flyers, and flags for the decoration of the mall street.

An iPhone case designed by students in the Graphic Design Department was commercialized, and sold on the Internet. The project sold 15 pieces.

All of the first year students in the Graphic Design Department participated in a poster design contest in the Tokyo Motorcycle Show 2010. One studentswon the first prize and four were awarded as excellent works.

Our department actively takes part in external large-scale art events, such as "Design Festa" held in Tokyo Big Sight, as well as hosting several art exhibitions every year.

Obtainable Certifications Color Coordinator Certification, and more.

From a Teacher

"Thinking for yourself" is the most important thing in learning. My class helps students develop a "head" for flexible thinking along with a "body" for creative production based on assignments using a wide variety of modes of expression.

Mr. Isao Sato
Instructor in the Graphic Design Department, Artist

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