CG Creator Technical College (CG Creator Department)

CG Creator Department

[3 Years]

Aim at becoming CG creators working in game, cinema, anime and film industries.

Game CG Course

Game CG Course

Game Graphics Major
CG Movies Major

You will mainly learn game graphics and CG movies, with the aim of becoming a CG creator.

Anime CG Course

Anime CG Course

CG Characters Major
Background CG Major

You will learn basic skills for creating CG, and acquire advanced techniques to produce anime works using 3DCG software.

Film CG Course

Film CG Course

VFX Major
Promotion Videos Major
3D Movies Major

You will work in this course with the aim of becoming a CG designer or creator who creates visual effect which cannot be seen in reality. You will learn how to shoot, and acquire know-how of combining image and CG, VFX and advanced skills of editing digital videos, using the compiling and processing system used for digital combining of videos.

Computer Graphics (CG)/Anime Laboratory

Computer Graphics (CG)/Anime Laboratory

You will learn skills of drawing pictures, designing characters, illustrating and making up scenery to create 3DCG which is used in video games, animated cartoons and films.

Creative Laboratory

Game CG Course

CG Basic Practicum

You will learn about CG from the basics, understanding game graphics.

Game Principles

You will analyze the mechanism of games are and learn the necessary knowledge.

Game Creating

You will create actual game works in collaboration with the students of Game Creator Department.


You will develop the basic skills of drawing sketches.

Anime CG Course

CG Basic Drill

You will learn about CG from the basics, understanding CG animation.

Animation Principles

You will learn fundamental theory of animation and how to show characters' movement.

Making Anime Works

You will learn how to make celluloid anime works using CG.


You will develop the basic skills of drawing sketches.

Film CG Course

Basic Drill of CG

You will learn about CG from the basics, and later study CG imaging and VFX.

Film Principles

You will learn the theory of expression and the basics for directing films.

Making Films

You will learn how to produce live-action movies in which CG and VFX are used.


You will develop the basic skills of drawing sketches.

Game Industry

Game graphics designer, 3D modeler, game character modeler, scenery model designer, texture designer, 3D animator, motion designer, motion capture operator, effect designer, menu designer

Anime Industry

CG creator, CG designer, CG animator, film editor, compositor, digital effect artist

Film Industry (CG Production, etc)

CG creator, CG designer, CG animator, film editor, compositor, digital effect artist


CG designer in construction or manufacturing business, CG writer, CG artist, and more.

Top-class creators who are in active in their fields directly instruct you.

We have the latest training facilities which are the same as those that professionals use; 3D software "Maya," "3dsMax," "Z Brush," "Motion Builder," and "After Effects" software to process and compose images.

You can be admitted into Creative Laboratory (4-year course) while you are enrolled in this department if you aim for the qualification of "Kodo Senmonshi" (High-skilled specialist).

From a Teacher

Mr. Sosuke Matsui

This department provides you upgraded facilities and productive time for you to learn necessary skills for creating CG. Here you can accumulate the experience and acquire the skills that will boost your self-confidence and make your dream of being a CG creator a reality!

From a Srudent

Sha Shingei
from Taiwan

Capcom Inc.

I have continued to like games since I was a child and have be dreaming of working for a game business. Here in this school I improved my individual skills of creating CG and at the same time I acquired communication and other skills which can be learned only in group work by joining a team of CG creating. When I was seeking a job, I was taught by Career Support Center staff necessary things like a polite way of talking and how to respond in an interview test. Thanks to them, I have at last achieved my desire of getting a job as a game maker.

Obtainable Certifications

CG Creator Certification, CG Engineer Certification, Color Coordinator Certification, Multimedia Certification, Business Skills Certification (B-ken), Business Copyright Certification and more.

Promoting exchange programs, which help you develop broader views as a CG creator.

The students of the CG Creator Department produced the opening title of "NEWS 930," a news program of TV Kanagawa, in collaboration with the students of Creative Laboratory (the 4-year course).

Motion Capture System(Kamata Campus)

Digital Laboratory(Kamata Campus)


Multimedia Land(Hachioji Campus)


Motion Capture System(Hachioji Campus)