Integrated Design Technical College (Nihon Kogakuin Design College)

Design College

Design College

The Design College is an integrated design technical college for training highly-acclaimed designers in graphic design, web design, interior design, and product design industries.


Graphic Design Department

Cultivate your artistic creativity to be a graphic artist answering the needs of the age!

  • Graphic Design Course
    Graphic Designing Major
    Editorial Designing Major


Web Design Department

Strive to be a website creator!

  • Web Designing Major
  • Flash Content Major


Interior Design Department

Come and learn all about interior designing for houses, shops, and offices.

  • Interior Designing Course
    Interior Designing Major
    Shop Designing Major
    Display Designing Major
  • Interior Coordinating Course
    Interior Coordinating Major
    Remodeling Planner Major
    Interior Styling Major


Product Design Department

For future product designers!

  • Product Designing Major
  • Car Designing Major
  • Furniture Designing Major
  • General Merchandise Designing Major


Game Creator Department

You can learn everything about game producing.

Game Programmer Course
Consumer Games Major
PC Games Major
Mobile-phone Games Major
Online Games Major

Game Planner Course
Flash Games Major
Planning/Scenario Making Major
Game Production Management Major


CG Creator Department

Aim at becoming CG creators working in game, cinema, anime and film industries.

Game CG Course
Game Graphics Major
CG Movies Major

Anime CG Course
CG Characters Major
CG Characters Major

Film CG Course
VFX Major
Promotion Videos Major
3D Movies Major