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College Information

Nihon Kogakuin College comprises 35 departments in seven colleges, including Creators College, Design College, Music College, IT College, Technology College, Medical Care College, and Sports College.

The Creators College is an integrated technical college for training professional artists and creators in fields of broadcasting, TV, movie, voice acting, manga, anime, game, and CG.
Broadcast/Film Department Kamata CampusHachioji Campus
- Photographer Course (TV, Commercial Film, Drama, Cinema Major)
- Lighting Course (TV/Cinema/Stage Lighting Major)
- Film Editing Course (Linear/Non Linear Editing Major)
- Sound Course (Sound/Sound Effects Major)
- Creative Course (Producer (TV/Commercial/Drama/Cinema) Major)/(Director (TV/Commercial/Drama) Major)/Film Director Major)
- Set/Stage Design Course (Art and Setting Major/Equipment Design Major/Play Staffers (Stage Direction) Major)
Voice Actor / Theater Department Kamata CampusHachioji Campus
- Voice Actor and Actress Course (Dubbing Major / Narration Major)
- Actor/Actress/Entertainer Course (Actor/Actress (Stage, Cinema and TV) Major / Entertainer Major)
Manga/Anime (Comic/Animated Cartoon) Department Kamata CampusHachioji Campus
- Manga (Comics) Course (Comic Artist Major/Digital Comics Major)
- Anime Course (Animator (Key Picture/Animation Picture) Major / Director/Rending Major / Filming/Compositing Major / Background Art Major / Production Scheduling Major)
- Character Designing Course (Character Designing Major / Comic Illustrating Major)

専門学校 | デザイナーズカレッジ デザインで未来を創る。

The Design College is an integrated design technical college for training highly-acclaimed designers in graphic design, web design, interior design, and product design industries.
Graphic Design Department (3 years)
Kamata CampusHachioji Campus
- Graphic Design Course (Graphic Designing Major / Editorial Designing Major)
- Illustration Course (Illustration Major / Picture Book Major)
Web Design Department (3 years) Kamata CampusHachioji Campus
- Web Designing Major
Flash Content Major
Interior Design Department (3 years) Kamata CampusHachioji Campus
- Interior Designing Course (Interior Designing Major / Shop Designing Major / Display Designing Major)
- Interior Coordinating Course (Interior Coordinating Major / Remodeling Planner Major / Interior Styling Major)
Product Design Department (3 years) Kamata CampusHachioji Campus
- Product Designing Major
- Furniture Designing Major
- Car Designing Major
- General Merchandise Designing Major
Game Creator Department Kamata CampusHachioji Campus
- Game Programmer Course (Consumer Games Major / PC Games Major / Mobile-phone Games Major / Online Games Majo)
- Game Planner Course (Flash Games Major / Planning/Scenario Making Major / Game Production Management Major)
CG Creator Department Kamata CampusHachioji Campus
- Game CG Course (Game Graphics Major / CG Movies Major)
- Anime CG Course (CG Characters Major / Background CG Major)
- Film CG Course (Promotion Videos Major / 3D Movies Major)

専門学校 | ミュージックカレッジ 音楽の夢をONにする。

The Music College is an integrated music technical college for training highly-acclaimed artists and staff members in the vocal, musician, recording, dance, and concert industries.
Music Artist Department
Kamata CampusHachioji Campus
- Player Course (Guitar Major / Bass Major / Drum Major / Piano and Keyboard Major)
- Vocalist Course (Singer-Songwriting Major / Band Vocal Major / Solo Vocal Major / HIP-HOP and R&B Vocal Major)
- Music Creator Course (Music Production Major / Songwriting Major / TV/Movie Music Creation Major / Game Music Creation Major)
Concert Event Department Kamata CampusHachioji Campus
- Concert Production Course (Promotion Major / Artist Management Major / Live-House Management Major / Fan-Club Management Major)
- Concert PA (Public Address) Course (Concert PA Major / Live-house PA Major)
- Concert Stage Course (Road Management Major / Stage Management Major / Stage Design Major)
- Concert Lighting Course (Concert Lighting Major / Live-house Lighting Major)
- Event Planning Course (Stage Event Planning Major / Bridal Planning Major)
Recording Creator Department
Kamata CampusHachioji Campus
- Recording Engineering Major
- MA Engineering Major
- Radio Mixing Major
Dance Performance Department Kamata Campus
- Dance Major
- Backup Dance Major
- Dance Instruction Major
- Musical Dance Major
- Theme Park Dance Major
- Choreography Major

専門学校 | ITカレッジ ITの翼を持とう。

The IT College is an integrated IT business technical college for training highly-acclaimed system engineers, programmers, software developers and network engineers.
IT Specialist Department (4 years)
Kamata CampusHachioji Campus
- Systems Engineering Major
- Embedded Systems Engineering Major
- Web Systems Engineering Major
- Network Engineering Major
- Security Engineering Major
Information Technology Department Kamata CampusHachioji Campus
- Software Engineering Course
- Web Engineering Course
- Information Technology Course
Network Engineering Department
Kamata CampusHachioji Campus
- Network Engineering Course
- Network Security Engineering Course
Business Information Department Kamata CampusHachioji Campus

専門学校 | テクノロジーカレッジ 未来は君の手から生まれる。

The Technology College is an integrated engineering technical college for training professionals with genuine skills in the fields of robotics, electronics, electrical engineering, vehicle mechanics, biotechnology, architecture, and CAD.
Robotics and Mechanics Department Hachioji Campus
- Robotics Course (Biped Robotics Major / Personal Robotics Major)
- Mechanical Control Course
Electronics and Electrical Engineering Department Kamata CampusHachioji Campus
- Electronics Engineering Course
- Audio Apparatus and Home Electronics Course
- Electrical Engineering Course
- Electrical Work Course
Vehicle Mechanics Department (4 years) Hachioji Campus
- Vehicle Mechanics Department
Environmental Biotechnology Department Kamata Campus
- Environmental Biotechnology Course
- Cosmetics Biotechnology Course
Applied Biology Department Hachioji Campus
- Medicine Major
- Food Major
- Biotechnology Major
- Environment Major
Architecture Department (4 years) / Architectural Design Research Department (2 years)
Kamata CampusHachioji Campus
- Architecture Department (4 years)
- Architectural Design Research Department (2 years)
- Architectural Design Course
- Interior Design Course
- Building Construction and Equipment Course
- Architectural Construction Course
Civil Engineering and Landscape Architecture Department Hachioji Campus
Machinery Drafting Department Kamata CampusHachioji Campus
- Machinery CAD Major
- Architecture CAD Major
Technology Research Department Hachioji Campus
- Manufacturing Major
- Environmental Biotechnology Major
- Electrical Work Major
- Qualification Improvement Major
- CAD Major

専門学校 | 医療カレッジ Heart to Heart

The Medical Care College is an integrated medical college for training professionals in fields of acupuncture and moxibustion, bone-setting, clinical engineering, medical secretary, medical clerk, and medical records and information management.

Sports College is an integrated sports college for training professionals in sports and sporting industries, including sports trainers, instructors, kindergarten teachers, nursery staff, soccer players, and tennis players.