TV, Film, Image Technical College (Broadcast /Film Department)

Broadcast/Film Department

[2 Years]

Be professionals in broadcast and film businesses, studying here with the latest mechanical equipment and facilities, instruction by professionals and careful career guidance.

Photographer Course

Photographer Course

Shooting (TV, Commercial Film, Drama, Cinema) Major

You will learn about camerawork to use various kinds of cameras such as ENG, Hi-Vision, and other cameras.

Lighting Course

Lighting Course

TV/Cinema/Stage Lighting Major

Lighting staffers who are working for TV stations will teach you professional skills of lighting in actual practice. This course will provide you practical training so that your abilities and skills will be highly welcome in cinema, theater and many other fields.

Film Editing Course

Film Editing Course

Film Editing (Linear/Non Linear Editing) Major

You will learn wide-ranging film editing skills which include both linier and nonlinear editing, using Avid, a top of the line film editing software which is effectively used at TV broadcasting stations, cinema, and video business.

Sound Course

Sound Course

Sound/Sound Effects Major

You will learn all fields related to sound such as sound recording and sound effects, instructed by professional staffers in TV and cinema businesses.

Creative Course

Creative Course

Producer (TV/Commercial/Drama/Cinema) Major
Director (TV/Commercial/Drama) Major
Composing Scripter and Writer Major
Film Director Major

You will acquire planning know-how and ideas necessary to work as a producer, a director, a writer and a creative director of TV programs, commercials, drama and cinema.

Set/Stage Design Course

Set/Stage Design Course

Art and Setting Major
Equipment Design Major
Play Staffers (Stage Direction) Major
* This is offered in the Kamata School only.

You will acquire actual artistic skills through training instructed by professional art staffers who are active in their fields. You will learn artistic techniques, stage props, and equipment design that are used for stage plays.

Camera/Lighting/Sound System Practicum

You will be able to develop your technique of shooting with TV, studio and media report cameras, and sound system, instructed by professionals of TV program producing companies.

Drama Producing Training

You will learn about scenarios, scripts and shooting in producing original dramas.

Sports Event Broadcast Training

You will learn about setting up mechanical equipment in stadiums, placing cameras for broadcasting and other know-how using outside broadcast vans actually used at TV stations.

Business Skill

The student learns self-examination techniques, how to write an effective resume, and how to succeed in an interview as well as learning about the broadcast and film industry and related companies.

1st Year

The first-year curriculum includes basic skills and know-how. Cultural matters and current issues are also taught in order to work in many different fields after starting your career.

2nd Year

The second-year curriculum includes finding a job and creating works as your core activities with the help of our guidance and reap the benefit of our curriculum which has been supporting TV and broadcast circles for more than 30 years.

TV/Broadcast Industry

TV camera person, news camera person, sports event camera person, video engineer, recorder/time keeper, lighting staffer, video editor (linear/nonlinear), (TV) sound producer, sound effects/mixing staffer, setting/equipment staffer, art staffers, creative staffer, scenario writer, composer, TV producer, program producer, commercial film producer, cinema producer, drama producer, TV director, drama director, program director, creative manager, and more.

Cinema Industry

Film/cinema camera person, video engineer, film lighting engineer, film editor, film director, video artist, shooting director, recorder/time keeper, sound recording engineer, art/equipment staffer, film producer, promotion and distribution staffer, scenario writer, and more.

Stage/Plays Industry

Scenario writer, stage director, stage art staffer, stage setting staffer, art staffer, creative staffer, stage lighting staffer, producer, scenario writer, and more.

Our school has been producing real educational achievement for more than 30 years and gaining ever higher confidence from TV, cinema and broadcast businesses. The students experience training at the actual sites of TV program production such as news programs in the morning, popular musical programs and remote broadcasting of sports events.

The rate of employment for our graduating has remained steady at a high level because of our direct and strong relations with the world of broadcasting.

Professional program producing staffers who are active in the front line instruct the students.

We have one of the foremost shooting studios in Japan, which goes well beyond the quality level average schools usually meet.

We have been enhancing international exchange, inviting AKIHITO (his professional name), a special makeup artist who is active in Hollywood, U.S.A., and Professor Richard Weinberg of the School of Cinematic Arts, University of Southern California (USC), to have them give lectures.

From a Teacher

You must keep studying and cultivating your basic skills and knowledge, which leads you to improve your capability. You should always have a sensitive "antenna" to what are happening in the world around you and constantly gather all kinds of information.

Mr. Yuichiro Hirakawa Office Crescendo Inc./Cinema and TV director. Graduated from Broadcast and Cinema Course in 1992. Representative works: "ROOKIES-Graduation" (film) and "Jin" (TV drama)

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