Voice Actor and Actress Technical College Voice Actor and Actress/Actor and Actress Department)

[2 Years]

Aim to be voice actors/actresses, actors/actresses and entertainers who are active in the fields of TV, cinema, and the stage, with instruction by professionals ranging from basic to advanced.

Voice Actor and Actress Course
Voice Actor and Actress Course

Dubbing Major
Narration Major

You will learn basic skills necessary to dubbing.

Actor/Actress/Entertainer Course
Actor/Actress/Entertainer Course

Actor/Actress (Stage, Cinema and TV) Major
Entertainer Major

For those aiming to become serious stage, film and TV drama actors and actresses or entertainers, you will learn how to perform and express yourself through training and performance seminars.

Basic Acting/Acting Seminar

You will acquire basic skills of acting to develop your individual innate talents. You will improve your ability of expression as an actor and an actress.

Voice/Vocal/Basic Training

You will take vocalization, pronunciation training, and related physical training, which are necessary for good diction. Such training is aimed at cultivation of your pitch recognition and rhythmic sense.

Physical Exercises

You will do physical exercise to shape up a healthy body. You will learn to move your body freely to express yourself in various ways, such as Western and Japanese dancing.

Dubbing/Narration (Voice actor/Actresses)

Your ability to read passages and manuscripts in the correct way will be fostered. You will also acquire recording studios performance skills, of which the major part is dubbing skills.


You will increase the ability to express yourself with maximum appeal, with a view to passing auditions.

Dancing Exercises (Actor/Actress)

You will hone a well-balanced body through dancing drills.

Business Skills/Career Planning

The student learns the business side of a career in acting, voice acting and the talent industry.

1st Year

The first-year curriculum includes classes of basic skills through performance practice. Exercises include mental training and stylistic improvement, and exercises to maintain best physical condition.

2nd Year

The second-year curriculum includes improving the basic skills and developing each person's talent in the practical workshops. Students will have chances to take auditions.

Voice actor/actress (anime product/foreign film/entertainment/singing), narrator, radio personality, stage actor/actress, TV actor/actress, reporter, TV/commercial film entertainer, comedian, and more.

Many professional voice actors/actresses, TV or stage actors and actresses, and other entertainers are in charge of the classes. Mr. Akira Kamiya, Mr. Shigeru Chiba, and Ms. Mina Tominaga are among them.

Akiya Kamiya: voice actor/instructor/adviser at Kamata School Playing the roles of Saiha Ryou of "City Hunter" and "Angel Heart," Kinnikuman of "Kinnikuman," Kenshiro of "Hokuto-no-ken," Mori Kogoro of "Meitantei Conan," and others.

Shigeru Chiba: voice actor/instructor/adviser at Hachioji School
Playing the roles of Bagi of "One Piece," Mouse Man of "Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro," Megane of "Urusei Yatsura," and others.

We have fully-equipped facilities, such as a training room, a hall and, and a recording studio.

Voice Studio

BOX Stage


Lesson Hall

Lesson Hall

Recording Studio


From a Teacher

Akira Kamiya
voice actor/instructor/adviser at Kamata School Playing the roles of Saiha Ryou of "City Hunter" and "Angel Heart," Kinnikuman of "Kinnikuman," Kenshiro of "Hokuto-no-ken," Mori Kogoro of "Meitantei Conan," and others

Playing every role in this world is the pleasure we experience in dubbing. So that you can enjoy this pleasure, you must endure and overcome difficulties and not give up developing your own ability to the last. I will help you realize your dream.