Nihon Kogakuin College (Tokyo, Japan)

Nihon Kogakuin College supports your dream of doing what you like for a living. More than 70 years of expertise in training specialists will assist you to make your dream come true.

Our school comprises 34 departments in six colleges, including Creators College, Design College, Music College, IT College, Technology College, and Sports / Medical Care College. We are here to fulfill your intellectual curiosity.

We have the Kamata Campus in southern Tokyo and the Hachioji Campus in western Tokyo. The Kamata Campus is located only a 2-minute walk from Kamata Station, which has easy access to popular places around Tokyo, such as Akihabara and Yokohama. The new glass-walled building with twenty stories above ground and one below, which opened in 2010, provides students with an ideal atmosphere for learning. Surrounded by abundant nature, the large-scale Hachioji Campus has the most advanced facilities for learning and research.

Our facilities and instructors, which are both beyond the levels of regular technical colleges, are prepared to fully support students in job hunting and qualification improvement. There is also a Japanese Language School for supporting international students to learn Japanese.

"Make your Dream Come True." Nihon Kogakuin College helps you to fulfill your dream!

Creators College
Creators College
Broadcast/Film Department
Voice Actor / Theater Department
Theater Staff Department
Manga / Anime (Comic/Animated Cartoon) Department(2 years/4 years)
Design College
Design College
Design Department
Game Creator Department(2 years/4 years)
CG Creator Department
Music College
Music College
Concert Event Department
Music Artist Department
Recording Creator Department
Dance Performance Department
IT College
IT College
IT Specialist Department
AI System Department
Information Technology Department
Network Engineering Department
Business Information Department
Technology College
Technology College
Robotics and Mechanics Department
Electronics and Electrical Engineering Department
Vehicle Mechanics Department (2 years/4 years)
Applied Biology Department
Architecture Department(2 years/4 years)
Civil Engineering and Landscape Architecture Department
Machinery Drafting Department